Greg Sargent: David Shuster Will Not Be Fired

After Hillary seemed to suggest that his suspension was not enough of a punishment for his pimp remark, MSNBC affirmed to Greg Sargent at Talking Points Memo that David Shuster will not be fired.

“He remains on suspension indefinitely, but he will not be fired and will be returning to MSNBC,” MSNBC director of communications Alana Russo told Sargent, who then speculates (pretty plausibly, we think) what it all means:

A great deal of grievance had already been built up between MSNBC and the Hillary camp over Matthews’ less-than-chivalrous treatment of Hillary on the network. In denouncing Shuster’s remark, the Hillary campaign has chastised the network in general for the tone of its political coverage and pattern of sexist remarks. And though Camp Hillary has always been careful not to name Matthews, this is primarily who they were talking about.

And as we reported today, it’s likely the Clinton campaign knows that, behind the scenes, Shuster is not their chief antagonist at the network. Greg Sargent: David Shuster Will Not Be Fired