Hillary Rouses Her Superdelegates

Hillary Clinton held a conference call with top supporters and donors this morning to raise more money but also to reassure her most influential backers that they had sufficient resources to compete with Barack Obama in Texas and Ohio and March 4.

“It was a cheerleading call,” said Paul Beirne, a prominent New York investment banker and one of Clinton’s so-called Hillraisers.

According to Beirne, Clinton’s message was upbeat.

“We’ve raised a lot of money in the last couple of days,” he said, recalling Clinton’s remarks. “We need to raise some more just to stay competitive but whether we raise it or not we have the resources to take us to March 4 easily and be competitive.”

Beirne said the campaign had done a good job of maintaining relations with its backers and coddling superdelegates.

“I think March 4 is the key date and so far, in the conversations I have had over the weeks with the superdelegates, they are still for her and as long as they are still for her, I think she wins,” said Beirne.

He said he was referring to more than just New York-based superdelegates. “A number from around the country, I’m not saying they couldn’t change, but at this time they are still with her. And I think the campaign did a great job in reaching out to the campaign supporters and superdelegates over the last week knowing that they were not going to fare well in these states and setting it up for March 4.”

“It’s not about raising the most money,” Beirne added. “It’s about having enough money to be competitive. And she has enough money to be competitive.”

Hillary Rouses Her Superdelegates