Huckabee and Paul supporters redefine victory

Their candidates are not expected to win in New Jersey, but Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul supporters are preparing for different kinds of victories.

Huckabee state campaign head Peter Kane spent part of the day working the phones and handing out flyers at supermarkets. He’ll hold a victory party tonight at the Scotchwood Diner in Scotch Plains.

Although Kane sounded optimistic that Huckabee could actually have a strong showing in New Jersey, his definition of victory isn’t necessarily winning this winner-take-all state.

“We’ll be celebrating what we hope to be a victory or a moral victory,” he said.

Kane and other Huckabee supporters can at least celebrate Huckabee’s winat the West Virginia caucus today.

Ron Paul supporter George Ajjan said that there’s no centralized effort for his candidate – that the campaign is characterized by self-motivated supporters. Ajjan said that he recognizes that Paul has very little chance to actually win the primary here, and thus no delegates, but that his movement here is just getting started with the Republican Senate candidacy of Murray Sabrin.

Ajjan works as Sabrin’s spokesman.

“Ron Paul is just stating a movement here, and Murray is really going to be a centerpiece of the movement,” he said.

Huckabee and Paul supporters redefine victory