In the Times, Journal Editor Declares Murdochian War

David Carr tackles the changing Wall Street Journal this morning and writes about the paper’s sudden infactuation with politics. Journal managing editor Marcus Brauchli concedes to Mr. Carr that there have been more political stories this year, but that’s because it’s such an extraordinary year (simple enough). But Mr. Brauchli also offered this interesting quote:

“Mr. Murdoch has said publicly that we will compete against The New York Times, The Financial Times and other general-interest newspapers. In the news department here, we believe there is no reason that people should have to go to another news source beyond The Journal to find news of consequence to them in any sphere — politics, economics, even culture and the arts."

That’s the first time Mr. Brauchli has ever gone on record embracing the Murdoch idea that the Journal should be competing head-on with the Times. He even goes a step farther and suggests that the paper should be writing more about the arts, which is something Rupert Murdoch specifically raised in a bureau chiefs meeting last month.

It’s been said for weeks by Journal editors and reporters alike that Mr. Brauchli and his lead editors have made subtle changes to the paper, perhaps in anticipation for what they thought Mr. Murdoch wanted to see in the paper. Now, it seems that’s certainly what he has in mind. In the Times, Journal Editor Declares Murdochian War