The show you should be catching up on right now

Who — besides New Yorker cartoonists and Woody Allen — has made more entertainment hay out of “the talking cure” than HBO? Tony’s weekly sit-downs with Dr. Melfi were the slumped spine holding up The Sopranos, and when the characters on Tell Me You Love Me aren’t busy exposing their naughty bits, you’ll find them pouring their hearts out in couples therapy.

In Treatment gives us the whole megillah — five nights a week of pure doctor-patient confidentiality. Based on a hugely popular Israeli TV show, the U.S. version features Gabriel Byrne as Dr. Paul Weston, in session Monday through Thursday with his regular set of weekly patients. On Friday the good doctor seeks guidance from his former mentor, played by Dianne Wiest. If you have somehow missed In Treatment, or don’t subscribe to HBO, iTunes currently has the first 15 episodes available free of charge, making this the perfect time to catch up.

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The show you should be catching up on right now