Quarterlife Creator Disses NBC Show

Now that the NBC premiere of the MySpace show quarterlife marked the network’s worst ratings in the 10 p.m. time slot in the last 17 years, the show’s web creator is crawling from behind the keyboard to diss the network transition. Co-creator Marshall Herskovitz told an audience at the Harvard Business School yesterday that the leap to broadcast television should never have been attempted. "It never should have been a network show. It’s too specific," Mr. Herskovitz said, according to the Hollywood Reporter. "It will probably end up on cable."

When he first launched "quarterlife," a project which also encompassed an online community, Herskovitz hoped that it could become a template for a new kind of independent production. Network-quality programs, he said, could be made less expensively for the Internet and then potentially migrate to television.

But Herskovitz said that the experience of watching the show on NBC, with the series’ intimate storylines and tight camera angles, has convinced him otherwise.

"From the first three minutes," he said, "I knew it wasn’t right."

Although no official cancellation has been announced, sources say the series will likely be yanked from the schedule before its second episode airs Sunday night. A one-and-out network run is a rare event that most recently occurred when Fox axed "Anchorwoman" in the summer after a single episode.


Quarterlife Creator Disses NBC Show