Lineup 2/13

In Off the Record this week, John Koblin peeks through a keyhole at the Los Angeles Times and finds a newsroom divided over who should lead the paper in the wake of editor Jim O’Shea’s sudden departure last month. The youngsters want change, while the old guard wants experience. Meanwhile Sam Zell, the new owner, makes dirty jokes and giggles!

In NYTV, Felix Gillette uncovers evidence to suggest that David "Chelsea Clinton is being pimped out" Shuster doesn’t hate women after all– that he can, in fact, get quite touchy when someone makes a sexist joke at the expense of the Clintons.

Felix also takes a look at Patti Novak, the 46-year-old tough-love dating advisor, and the enthusiastic endorsement she has received from Oprah Winfrey when she was a guest on her show. Felix wonders whether maybe Oprah is grooming Ms. Novak for a gig at OWN, the talk-show giant’s recently announced television network.

In publishing, Leon Neyfakh tells the story of Ben Karlin’s new movie project. Once the executive producer of The Daily Show and Colbert Report, and now a dude with a production company that has a deal with HBO, Mr. Karlin is making a film based on the story of a wine dealer. Problem is, his neighbor in Fort Greene, who is writing a book on the subject and has sold film rights to it to another production company, is too!

Also Ben Popper and friend accompany Christopher Hitchens to McSorley’s.

Over in the real estate section, Eliot Brown reports that Mort Zuckerman, owner of the New York Daily News, is thinking about buying the General Motors Building at 767 Fifth Avenue?

Lineup 2/13