Maggie Shnayerson Out at Gawker

Gawker media reporter Maggie Shnayerson was laid off last night. Nick Denton, managing editor of the site and owner of parent company Gawker Media, confirmed the break-up.

“He basically said page views were not meeting his expectations for the site,” Shnayerson later said, when we contacted her about the split.

She said she was told about the firing via an email that arrived last night; Shnayerson was as of today the longest-serving editor presently appearing on Gawker’s masthead; she’s been working there since September.

Shnayerson told Media Mob she had written a letter of resignation on Friday, “which is sort of ironic.”

“He beat me to the punch,” she said.

Maggie Shnayerson Out at Gawker