Maine Madness

An on-the-ground source (a.k.a. my sister) at the only caucus site in Maine’s largest city reports that turnout is astronomically high, almost certain to shatter any previous record.

Caucus-goers began assembling outside Portland High School well before 2:00, when registration was to begin. Two separate lines on either side of the school snaked back at least several blocks. Organizers, my sister reports, seemed unprepared for the onslaught — especially when wet snow began falling around 2:00, which agitated the already impatient masses. Finally, organizers began ushering groups of caucus-goers into various parts of the school, where they could escape the snow while waiting to register. The actual caucuses were slated to start at 4:00, but registration is apparently progressing very slowly.

Portland, which is home to about 65,000 residents, is key to Barack Obama’s hopes of pulling off an upset win in Maine; a giant victory in the city could offset Hillary Clinton’s success in the lower-income, less-educated cities of Bangor, Lewiston and Auburn. Maine Madness