Marcia Pappas, Kennedy-Basher, Heads to Ohio for Clinton

Marcia Pappas, the outspoken activist who called Ted Kennedy’s endorsement of Barack Obama a “betrayal" to women, is heading to Ohio Wednesday to campaign for Hillary Clinton.

Pappas, the president of the National Organization for Women-New York State, said her past comments won’t be an issue.

She told me this morning, “Certainly what I said drew attention temporarily, but I don’t think that it takes away from Hillary Clinton’s campaign. What we try to do is bring attention to the issues that affect women and via Hilary being the sacrificial lamb at this point in history, we certainly have been able to talk about sexism in a way that we have not been able to talk about it before. And it’s been brought out to the forefront due to the fact that I spoke out so vehemently against Kennedy’s endorsement of Obama.”

Pappas also disputed the notion that Clinton would end her campaign anytime soon.

“I have not heard any call for her to drop out. In fact, I’ve heard calls from people that I know for her to stay in and fight till the end.”

Marcia Pappas, Kennedy-Basher, Heads to Ohio for Clinton