Marty Markowitz and the Magic Eight Ball

Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, who has grumbled about running for mayor, was introduced before his State of the Borough speech last night by Christine Quinn, a much-discussed–but undeclared–mayoral candidate.

What was that like?

“Listen, we’re both professionals,” Markowitz told me last night. “I was very thrilled and honored that she was here. She’s a superb public official and I’m honored that she’s here. And I don’t know whether or not we’ll be competitors or not. I don’t know. If we’re competitors, I’m sure the same warm relationship we’ve enjoyed, we’ll continue to enjoy.”

Markowitz ended his approximately 90-minute speech by pulling out a Magic Eight Ball, and telling the audience it may help decide what to do when he’s term-limited out of office in 2009. While I was speaking with Markowitz after the address, State Senator Kevin Parker gestured to the Eight Ball and said, “Does that thing say anything about us taking over the State Senate?”

I asked Markowitz if he would ever think of running for a State Senate seat again (he served for in that legislative body for more than twenty years).

“Nah, never. You don’t go back,” he said.

Marty Markowitz and the Magic Eight Ball