Morning Memo: Donald Rumsfeld Stops To Smell Flowers; Nicole Kidman On Vogue Again?

Looks like Nicole Kidman will grace a fall cover of Vogue, which was shot by Annie Leibovitz in a town near Sydney, Australia. [WWD]

Just spotted at the Colette boutique in Paris: party gal/model Cory Kennedy, who “love[s] Paris for its fashion.” [T]

Donald Rumsfeld was spotted admiring the lovely flowers at Café des Artistes, where Mayor Bloomberg, dining nearby, didn’t say hello. [P6]

The New York Philharmonic was able to perform in North Korea; the concert included the George Gershwin tune “American in Paris.” [NYT]

It’s official: Veronica Hearst lost her ocean-front, 52-room Villa Venezia. [P6]

Of completing her last day at Interview, Ingrid Sischy, who stayed at the offices late into Friday night, said: “It feels really good. This is a decision that we very much believe in.” [WWD]

According to Diddy, Ivana Trump is allowed to copy him and request that all of her wedding guests wear white because “she’s family.” [Gatecrasher]

On the set of her new film, Brittany Murphy demands “diagonally cut peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with the crusts removed” every hour. [P6]

After a Houston waitress served a man his cup of coffee, he tipped her with a horse. [NYT]

Jennifer Lopez has been released from the hospital, twins in tow. [Us]

Actress Lucy Liu has been painting in preparation for her art opening in Munich on May 8. [WWD]

Denise Rich had dinner in St. Moritz the other night with her ex-husband Marc Rich; they sat at a table next to Ivana Trump and her fiancé, Rossano Rubicondi. [P6]

The Oscar party Madonna threw at her manager’s Westside Hills home was overflowing with major celebs like Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Owen Wilson, Ellen DeGeneres, Demi Moore and Cameron Diaz. [P6]

Paris Hilton
is going to shoot a new reality show in which she pretends to search for a new best friend. [Us]

At a party in Paris on Sunday, Karl Lagerfeld said: “I live in my own little world, sketching and drawing. I’m told what to do every day.” [WWD] Morning Memo: Donald Rumsfeld Stops To Smell Flowers; Nicole Kidman On Vogue Again?