Mos Def Likes Obama, the 'Best-Looking Guy for the Job'

Rapper and actor Mos Def likes Barack Obama for president.

Speaking at the 92nd Street Y last night, he recalled seeing articles about Obama earlier, and thinking to himself, “Look at this guy, he looks amazing.” Speaking with Rolling Stone contributing editor Anthony DeCurtis, Def (Mr. Def?) went on to say of Obama, “He appeals to America’s sense of vanity on a level that people might not even be ready to admit.”

Explaining what he considers to be the subconscious appeal of Obama, he said, “On an intuitive level I could sense it. And when I saw him on the cover of Men’s Vogue, even before he threw his hat in, I was like, ‘This guy is going to run for president and he’s going to win.’ And he’s going to win because he’s an author, and he looks good.”

He added, “The best-looking guy for the job, at this point, is a black guy. I’m cool with that.”

For the record, Obama wasn’t the only politician to capture Mos Def’s attention. “I like John Edwards,” he said. “I liked his policies and all of that. I like Ralph Nader. It’s just not the same, though, you know what I mean?”

Mos Def Likes Obama, the 'Best-Looking Guy for the Job'