Myers challenges Adler on Fox nomination

Republican Congressional candidate Chris Myers today demanded that his potential Democratic opponent, State Sen. John Adler, block the reappointment of Jeanne Fox as president of the Board of Public Utilities.

Fox presided over the board when its Clean Energy Program was criticized for its placement of $80 million in a private bank account.

Corzine has faced criticism from Republicans for making the appointment just after giving a speech outlining an austere budget intended to cut back on government waste. As the chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Adler could essentially block the appointment by not posting it for a vote.

“The fact the Governor Corzine would have the audacity to reappoint Ms. Fox and that Senator Adler didn’t immediately stand up and oppose it speaks volumes,” said Myers in a press release. “As Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Senator Adler has a responsibility to protect taxpayers, not rubber stamp bad appointments.”

Adler’s campaign would not say how he felt about the nomination or whether he would block it, since Adler always refuses to comment on pending nominations.

"Chris Myers seems to be running his campaign from the same playbook as the corrupt Burlington County Republican political machine. Seeing as how the Burlington County Republicans dolled out millions in no-show lobbying contracts to their political bosses and wasted more on no-show jobs for legislators, Myers should take a long hard look at the people running and financing his campaign before making charges of any kind,” said Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee spokeswoman Carrie James. Myers challenges Adler on Fox nomination