Nadler's U.W.S. 'Starbucks Democrats' Ripe for Obama?

Much of Barack Obama’s New York support comes from Brooklyn, but the Upper West Side, represented by Hillary supporter and Congressman Jerry Nadler, is also home to a likely Obama demographic.

“The more liberal the Democratic base in that electoral district, the more upper-income that Democratic base in that [district], the more probably for success you have for Obama," says polticial science professor David Birdsell of Baruch College.

"Nadler’s [district] is clearly, sort of, prime ribs for good prospects for the Obama campaign,” Birdsell told me. “It’s a national phenomenon. He’s been getting what some people refer to as the Starbucks Democrats, for some while now.”

I asked why.

He replied, “For people who are interested in change, and people who feature that change, to a certain extent, as almost an aesthetic dimension of self-understanding and self description, the Obama candidacy looms large as a way to invest themselves as [a] redefinition of new Democrats."

Nadler's U.W.S. 'Starbucks Democrats' Ripe for Obama?