Nemazee Lauds Clinton's Fund-Raising Accomplishment

One of Hillary Clinton’s finance chairs, Hassan Nemazee, insisted he was not in "gloat mode or I-told-you-so mode," but there was no mistaking the delight in his voice about the more than $35 million Hillary Clinton raised in February.

"It’s a huge result, and even the most cynical of the media has to recognize that no matter what number Obama puts up—and I assure you it will be more than us, perhaps 20 million more—it does not in any way diminish this result."

Nemazee argued that there was a point of "diminishing returns" when it came to how much money could be used for advertising, and that Clinton would now unquestionably have enough money to be competitive in Ohio and Texas. Nemazee Lauds Clinton's Fund-Raising Accomplishment