New Jersey Delegate Count: Clinton 73, Obama 50, 4 Undecided

Uncertified results of New Jersey’s February 5 Democratic presidential primary resulted in 38 pledged delegates for Hillary Clinton and 32 for Barack ObamaThis accounts for 70 of New Jersey’s 108 pledged delegates. Clinton won 12 alternate delegates, with 6 going to Obama.

New Jersey has 14 Party Leader Elected Official delegates (aka PLEOs). Clinton will get 8 of the PLEO’s and Obama will have 6, based on Clinton’s 54%-44% win. There are an addition 23 at-large pledged delegates, with 13 going to Clinton and 10 for Obama, again based on the primary results. Each campaign will nominate two candidates for each designated delegate slot; the Democratic State Committee will pick these 14 delegates at their April 17 meeting.

There are eighteen superdelegates from New Jersey – Democrats who get an automatic vote based on their public office or party post. Of this group, 12 have already endorsed Clinton, two are backing Obama (Rep. Steve Rothman and Democratic National Committeewoman Roz Samuels), and four – U.S. Sen. Frank Lautenberg, Rep. Rush Holt, Democratic National Committee Finance Chairman Philip Murphy, and Democratic National Committeeman Donald Norcross – remain uncommitted. Norcross, the Camden County Democratic Co-Chairman and South Jersey AFL-CIO President, is the brother of South Jersey Democratic leader George Norcross.

The Clinton superdelegates are: Gov. Jon Corzine; Sen. Bob Menendez; Reps. Rob Andrews, Frank Pallone, Bill Pascrell. Donald Payne and Albio Sires; Democratic State Chairman Joseph Cryan; State Sen. Dana Redd, the Democratic State Vice Chair; and Democratic National Committee members Tonio Burgos, June Fischer and Joseph DeCotiis. Superdelegates are not bound to vote for any candidate and can switch their preference at any time.

Cryan will nominate two additional unpledged delegates, who may vote for the candidate of their choice at the national convention. Cryan must submit four names to the State Committee, who will pick two at the 4/17 meeting. Cryan is a Clinton supporter, and Democrats presume that these two slots will go to Clinton.

New Jersey will also have 15 seats to fill on the Rules, Platform and Credentials committees – credentials might be a critical assignment if there is a fight over delegates in Florida and Michigan. Eight of these seats will go to Clinton and 7 to Obama — each committee will get two members from the Clinton and Obama camps, and there will be a drawing to decide which assignments are given to the remaining committee members (two for Clinton, one for Obama).


New Jersey Delegate Count: Clinton 73, Obama 50, 4 Undecided