N.Y.R.A.'s Bailout, Ratner's Donation, Obama's Delegates

Despite massive debt, the state will bail out N.Y.R.A. [Times Union]

Forest City Ratner has reversed a pledge not to give money to politicians by donating $58,000 to the Democratic Assembly Campaign Committee through a campaign finance loophole. [Atlantic Yards Report]

John McCain says people vote for Huckabee "because they like him." [Spin Cycle]

Ron Paul will not endorse McCain. [The Swamp]

Matthew Yglesias isn’t sure why people think Barack Obama is weak on policy specifics. [Atlantic]

Here’s the "Yes We Can" for the McCain set. [Ben]

It looks like Joe Lazar has decided to run for City Council Congress. [Liz]

Obama may have the delegate lead now [CBS]

Exile on Ericsson Street thinks rumors of Randy Kuhl’s retirement are calculated. [Rochester Turning]

Environmental groups aren’t thrilled that Eliot Spitzer is balancing the budget with money for set aside for environmental purposes. [Times Union]

Josh Marshall tries to explain the inexplicable behavior of the Washington State Republican Party. [TPM]

Planned Parenthood is running an ad against McCain in Virginia, which might actually help him. [Ambinder]

The R.N.C. has anti-Democrat e-Valentines. [G.O.P.]

Michael Turk doesn’t see why they picked the messages they did. [techPresident]

Schenectady Mayor Brian U. Stratton will not run for Congress. [Local Politics]

Ari Emanuel would prefer that his brother Rahm not be allowed, as a superdelegate, to help decide the Democratic nominee. [Huffington Post] N.Y.R.A.'s Bailout, Ratner's Donation, Obama's Delegates