Obama Warns Tarantino: 'They Will Bamboozle You'

On stage in front of a "change" banner at a fund-raiser at the Avalon club in Hollywood, Barack Obama reprised his his ‘bamboozled” line last night for an audience that included celebrities. (Quentin Tarantino!).

“It’s the typical response against a movement for change," he said. “[It] happens, by the way, every time. It’s fascinating, you know, Bill Clinton was confronted with the same stuff back in the 90s. And now, you know, things go full circle.”

“So there is the usual. You pluck out one sentence somebody said a while back and you run an ad saying they flip-flopped. Or, you know, try to distort a position and try to say that you are a supporter of Ronald Reagan’s. Or you find a quote out of the 4,000 you made and you say you’re a radical and a follower of Mao. Or you’re not black enough, or it turns out you’re too black,” Obama said.

“There is always some reason that they will try to convince you not to believe what you feel in your gut. They will try to bamboozle you, and hoodwink you, run the okey-doke on you.”

Obama has employed this line—which to some observers evokes one of the better-known speeches of Malcolm X—in the past to argue that the "status quo" is working to quell the "forces of change." Quentin Tarantino hooted and applauded when he said it.

Obama Warns Tarantino: 'They Will Bamboozle You'