Pennacchio rolls out Ocean County endorsements

State Sen. Joe Pennacchio has won some important Ocean County endorsements for his U.S. Senate race.

Pennacchio today announced the support of State Senators Andrew Ciesla, Robert Singer and Chris Connors — all three of whom represent Ocean County.

“I have worked with them on the important issues facing New Jersey, including the fight against higher taxes and bigger government,” said Pennacchio in a statement. “I know they share my belief that we can solve the problems facing New Jersey and the nation by bringing people together and working toward real conservative change in Washington."

Because of its large number of Republican voters, Ocean County could play a pivotal role in the June primary. Anne Evans Estabrook, Pennacchio’s chief rival for the Republican nomination, is endorsed by the powerful GOP organization in neighboring Burlington County.

Ocean County Republican Chairman George Gilmore said a convention to endorse a Senate candidate is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, March 19th. He will not endorse a candidate until then.

Estabrook, for her part, does not plan to concede the county.

"It's no surprise for State Senators to endorse a fellow colleague. Anne is
building strong support among Republicans across the state including in
Ocean County," said Estabrook Campaign Manager Mark Duffy.


Note: The original press release said that former Sen. Leonard Connors had endorsed Pennacchio. Pennacchio is actually endorsed by his son, Sen. Chris Connors.

Pennacchio rolls out Ocean County endorsements