See 100 years packed into three minutes

We’re not sure at what age birthdays turn into bittersweet (or worse) reminders of the passing years, but the new video People in Order: Age charmingly makes the case that getting older is just one of those funny things that people do. Part of a series of four shorts by directors Lenka Clayton and James Price that arrange people in various orders, this segment shows 100 people in the U.K., each in a different location (on the beach, at home, in bed), announcing their age and hitting a drum — though some just hit the drum (and, in the case of one rollicking 44-year-old, really just hit the drum).

There are highlights (age 4 has the most fun, age 59 is apparently a wizard), but the real pleasure is in seeing most of the drummers flash quietly satisfied (and occasionally brilliant) smiles.

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See 100 years packed into three minutes