Public Financing, Private Fund-Raisers

Ben considers whether Barack Obama did or did not pledge, with John McCain, to take public financing if they competed in a general election. [Politico]

Which McCain’s campaign says they will consider. [Financial Times]

Terry McAuliffe says the Clinton campaign is now raising one million dollars per day. [The Hill

Bill Clinton is holding three fund-raisers in South Florida on February 22. [Naked Politics

Lincoln Chafee endorses Barack Obama. [AP]

The Democrat & Chronicle editorial board calls for more oversight of Empire Zones. [D&C

Chelsea Clinton is going to Hawaii. [CNN]

A Valentine from McCain to George W. Bush, by the D.N.C. [YouTube

The New Jersey superdelegate who went neutral after Bill Clinton’s “fairy tale” comment is now officially for Obama. [Blue Jersey

This is what it’s like to live next to Atlantic Yards. [Queens Crap

Public Financing, Private Fund-Raisers