Rangel on the Role of Superdelegates

Charlie Rangel, a major supporter of Hillary Clinton, is joining Chuck Schumer and a growing number of superdelegates who think the Democratic nominee should reflect the popular vote, not the will of the superdelegates.

From Newsday:

"It’s the people [who are] going to govern who selects our next candidate and not superdelegates," Rangel said last night at a dinner for the New York State Association of Black and Puerto Rican Legislators conference in Albany.

"The people’s will is what’s going to prevail at the convention and not people who decide what the people’s will is," he added.

The official Clinton campaign position remains that she will go all the way to the convention with the idea that superdelegates–and Florida and Michigan delegates the campaign hopes to get seated–will give her enough votes to win the nomination even if Obama has more pledged delegates.


Rangel on the Role of Superdelegates