Reaction to Democratic Special Election Win: Stone, Sheinkopf, Stavisky

Here are some more reactions from the big Democratic victory in last night’s special election, which cut the Republican majority in the state Senate down to one seat.

Roger Stone:

“A coup in the Senate would be a power-grab but Malcolm Smith might find he doesn’t have all the Democrats. Remember the difference between a caucus and a cactus? With a cactus all the pricks are on the outside.

“I expect control of the Senate to be decided in the Nov 2008 election.”

Hank Sheinkopf:

“Winner: Malcolm Smith. Loser: Senator Karl Kruger. Man who thinks he is a winner: Gov Spitzer.”

A Democratic Assembly member:

“Losers are democratic assembly members in districts with democratic senators who by this fall will no longer be the only Dems that can pass legislation. Don’t cite me as the source for that one.”

Evan Stavisky:

“This is absolutely stunning. Whether you look at raw numbers, or at percentages, the 48th District is the single most Republican Senate District in the state. And, considering that the Senate lines are drawn using one of the most hyper-partisan redistricting maps in the nation, that’s saying a lot.

“Putting it in perspective, the Aubertine victory is clearly attributable to the fact that the Democrats had a far, far better candidate and clearly ran a better campaign. It’s a huge win for Malcolm Smith and sets the stage for the Senate Dems to make history this year.”

George Fontas:

“4000plus absentee ballots to be counted. Don’t jinx us.”
Reaction to Democratic Special Election Win: Stone, Sheinkopf, Stavisky