Romney to Endorse McCain

CNN is reporting that Mitt Romney will endorse John McCain at an event in Boston at 3:30, and that he is going to ask his delegates to support McCain as well.

This is a bit of a boon to McCain, who is struggling to get conservative approval of his inevitable candidacy. Romney, while a recent conservative, has been embraced as the candidate of the more conservative wing of the Republican Party. At the Conservative Political Action Conference, Romney won the straw poll, even though most of the votes were cast after he dropped out.

Romney, always a strategist, is not probably endorsing McCain because he thinks the Senator is a great conservative. It has been widely speculated that Romney is considering a run for President again in 2012, and when he announced his resignation, he said he was doing so for the good of the party. Giving his delegates to McCain, and supporting the obvious nominee–who is not favored by some of his own supporters—will be at least a small uniting influence, and will be viewed, again, as an act for the good of the party. Romney to Endorse McCain