Sabrin continues to attack Estabrook

Republican Senatorial candidate Murray Sabrin continues to assail one of his primary opponents, Anne Evans Estabrook, for being too liberal.

In a press release, Sabrin linked to a video which excerpted two and a half minutes of responses to questions at a Woodbridge Republican Event last week. In the excerpt, Estabrook said that she was pro-choice, and favored the creation of a mental health database to keep mentally ill people from purchasing guns. The press release also noted that Estabrook shuffled through her notes for about 25 seconds before saying that she also supported criminal background checks.

Sabrin said that he believes life begins at conception and is completely pro-life. On gun control, he didn’t get into specifics, instead telling a story about how his father depended on his rifle as a polish partisan during World War II.

“The second amendment means something very personal to me. It means the right to protect yourself from foreign enemies and domestic criminals. That's what the second amendment means to me,” said Sabrin at the event.

"We now know how Anne Estabrook would vote – like Senator Russ Feingold, Governor Jim Florio, and Senator Patrick Leahy,” he added in the press release.”

The other Republican Senatorial candidate, Joe Pennacchio, did not attend the event. Sabrin, a supporter of Ron Paul for president, has directed most of his criticism towards the more moderate Estabrook.

Estabrook Campaign Manager Mark Duffy responded that Estabrook is the only candidate in the Republican field who embodies party principles.

"Anne is the only candidate running who does not take a government paycheck, collect government healthcare or expect a government pension. Anne Estabrook lives the Republican philosophy. Her opponents talk about it," he said.

Sabrin continues to attack Estabrook