Sara Vilkomerson’s Guide to This Week’s Movies: I Love(d) the 80’s

Okay … so we had the weirdest dream this weekend. Some movie we had never heard of, something that rhymed “Hannah” with “Montana,” came out of nowhere and broke all sorts of records. Oh, wait, that actually happened? Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour (featuring a young lady born in the early 90’s, sigh), which plays in 3-D (augh!), made $29 million even though it only played in 683 theaters. This means it did better than any other movie playing over the Super Bowl weekend. Ever. It even did better than Titanic. O.K.? We think you know what this means … RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!


ANYWAY! THIS WEEK brings us the reteaming of Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson in Fool’s Gold (remember them back in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days?). This movie has the genetically gifted pair (named “Tess” and “Finn,” which, alas, made us think there might be a chance this film would have some literary aspirations) as a couple on the verge of divorce but thrown back together in search of a legendary treasure lost at sea in 1715. (Watch out for the giant squid!) This movie reminded us strongly of a time in our formative years (yes, the 80’s) when there was a genre of film that was some mad caper featuring slightly dizzy but ultimately spunky heroines. Like, Outrageous Fortune and Ruthless People, movies that made stars like Bette Midler, Shelley Long, or—yes!—Goldie Hawn shine. Strangely, Fool’s Gold reversed the premise a bit, as it’s Matthew McConaughey who is cast as the dizzy, easy-on-the-eyes screen candy (seriously, the man is topless, flashing his muscled man-boobies, practically the entire picture). But aside from that flip, Fool’s Gold felt like a retread of all those movies from yester-decade but … not nearly as good. Could that be because we’re no longer 12? Perhaps. Mr. McConaughey and Ms. Hudson are certainly charming enough to do a lot better—though maybe it was the gorgeous location, more than the script, that convinced them to sign on?—and Donald Sutherland manages to bring (as always) a nice bit of gravitas. We were sort of sad to see Malcolm Jamal Warner, a.k.a. Theo from The Cosby Show, turn up in a small part with an unidentifiable island accent. Bring back Shelley Long!

Fool’s Gold opens Friday at Clearview Chelsea Cinemas, City Cinemas Third Avenue and Regal Battery Park.


AND THEN THERE’S Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins, which also covers some of the well-worn ground of films like Home for the Holidays or The Family Stone. However, this film is a bit more successful in putting its own spin on that eternal truth: No matter how far you go, or how successful you become, you’ll always be that kid you used to be when you go home. Martin Lawrence stars as a slickster L.A. talk-show host who takes his new fiancée home to reunite with his family somewhere down in the Deep South. The supporting cast of characters—Mike Epps, Michael Clarke Duncan and Cedric the Entertainer—are ultimately given more to do than Mr. Lawrence, but he plays the straight man with aplomb. Joy Bryant puts her ridiculous prettiness to good use as a former Survivor winner who seems to be suffering from post-traumatic stress as she sees alliances against her everywhere.

Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins opens Friday at Regal E-Walk and Regal Battery Park.

Sara Vilkomerson’s Guide to This Week’s Movies: I Love(d) the 80’s