Scene From An U.E.S. Polling Station

Eliot Spitzer, with family, voted early this morning at P.S. 6 on the Upper East Side, where two other voters complained that the voting machines were broken, and there was confusion as to how to fill out a paper ballot.

Elaine Mack and her husband, Stephen, told me and other reporters that they had to fill out paper ballots.

“They’re antiquated,” she said about filling out papper ballots, and added, “There’s no privacy.”

I got kicked out of the voting station, along with another reporter, because we didn’t have letters of permission from the Board of Elections to be there. We took up position on the corner of 81st Street and Park Avenue with a William Finkel, a Barack Obama supporter, and Brendan Liffey, a Ron Paul supporter.

“It seems pretty evenly divided,” said Finkel, 28, referring to his candidate and Hillary Clinton.

The Ron Paul guy, a 32-year-old Upper East Side resident, was yelling out things like, “Vote for a real revolution!”



Scene From An U.E.S. Polling Station