State Not on Board With Gennaro's Smoking Ban

State health commissioner Richard Daines, who wants a major crackdown of smoking in the movie industry, stopped short today of endorsing a bill that would ban smoking in cars carrying children.

Here’s a brief excerpt of a television interview Raines had with Gabe Pressman, which was taped this morning but will air Sunday:

PRESSMAN: Would you–would you favor legislation to prohibit people from
smoking when they have a child in the car?

Mr. DAINES: You know, I’d need to talk to some legislators and people about that. I know there’s a lot of protections about your car is your palace and whatever, but it’s certainly something we ought to look at.

It’s a ban that City Councilman Jim Gennaro wants to make law in the city.

Michael Bloomberg, an anti-smoking advocate, first indicated he would oppose such an effort. But after releasing a report on global statstics about smoking in midtown earlier this month, Bloomberg told reporters he agreed with the ban "conceptually." State Not on Board With Gennaro's Smoking Ban