Stephen Malkmus Talks Therapy Treatment With UK Times

Former Pavement frontman Stephen Malkmus got the In Treatment treatment from The Times’ Pete Paphides in a podcast interview last week. In a discussion about his new album, Real Emotional Trash, and his work on the I’m Not There soundtrack, Mr. Paphides asked him, “What’s the difference between the you we hear in the music and your actual self?” Mr. Malkmus, a California native, blames his New Yorker wife and our city’s therapy industry on not being able to give a straight answer right away.


The reporter and musician giggle through most of their conversation:

Mr. Malkmus: Yeah, that’s a good question but it’s not an easily answered one without some therapy


Mr. Paphides: I don’t see you as a therapy kind of guy


Mr. Malkmus: I’m not really, but I’ve been with the wife before, you know? Get dragged in there.


Mr. Paphides: Why did she drag you in there?


Mr. Malkmus: Because, you know, you just gotta go. I don’t want to get into it


Mr. Paphides: Is it a kind of a being American thing?


Mr. Malkmus: Yeah, I mean, it’s very common, most city people go to therapists in America.


Mr. Paphides: It seems to be that way, it seems to be getting that way.


Mr. Malkmus: Just in New York, or something, she’s from New York, everyone goes. So I mean if you’re from the sticks maybe you haven’t been or something. I thought it was entertaining, I mean it was fine.


Mr. Paphides: You do enough talking about yourself anyway, in things like this.


Mr. Malkmus: Yeah it’s kind of an industry. I just have that cranky old “therapy industry”… $200 an hour to talk about myself? Bah!


Mr. Paphides: I think you’re right, I think you’re absolutely right. I think it manufactures more problems, actually.


Mr. Malkmus: Sometimes it helps but then also sometimes you just gotta accept who you are, that you’re a little bit… you can’t be therapized.


Listen to more thoughts on therapy and “moobies” from Mr. Malkmus in the podcast.


Stephen Malkmus Talks Therapy Treatment With UK Times