Stereogum to Spawn Video-centric Blog

Stereogum, the gossipy music blog, will have more pop culture punditry for its readers to chew on: Videogum, a new entertainment blog focusing on television, movies, web shorts, and video games will launch this spring.

Two Gawker expats and Ritalin Reading Series organizers Lindsay Robertson (blogging mistress of,,, and the old Jane Magazine blog) and Gabe Delahaye (of and will serve as co-senior editors, according to Stereogum founder and editor-in-chief Scott Lapatine. “They are funny and blog savvy and they watch a lot of TV,” Mr. Lapatine wrote in an email to the Observer. “So they’re perfect.”

"Daily topics will be propelled by the news cycle—current releases and what’s happening in pop culture—and our interest in obscurities and nostalgia,” Mr. Lapatine explained. He said the site would be “a trusted voice to inform you what’s worth watching, in a similarly irreverent and authoritative tone to Stereogum.”

He later added: “Stereogum’s community is very vocal and has a hand in telling us what we should be covering (and when we’re wrong) and we expect to bring that open dialogue to Videogum.”

Mr. Lapatine said Videogum will bring Stereogum back to its roots. When he started blogging in 2002, he covered all pop culture, but later scrapped movies, TV and entertainment to turn Stereogum into an exclusive, insider’s guide for music. He wrote that Videogum would have to encompass all aspects of entertainment on the big, small and, um, tiny screens. “It wouldn’t make sense for us to focus specifically on television, or specifically on film, as the medium isn’t as meaningful a construct for consumers anymore,” Mr. Lapatine wrote. “People watch full HBO series on DVD, download movies to their phones, watch Saturday Night Live digital shorts the day after on YouTube, watch quarterlife on … well, they don’t watch quarterlife. But you get the idea.”

Stereogum to Spawn Video-centric Blog