Texas Polls: Both Dem and G.O.P. Race Pretty Close

Texas has 193 pledged delegates, and including superdelegates, a total of 228 delegates. It’s a big prize for the Democrats, and Hillary Clinton needs to win big in order to compete with Barack Obama’s delegate count. Three polls from the state of Texas (primary on March 4) came out today. Two show Clinton ahead, although not by huge margins, and one shows Obama ahead:

Rasmussen: Clinton 54, Obama 38

American Research Group: Clinton 42, Obama 48

Texas Credit Union: Clinton 49, Obama 41

On the Republican side, John McCain is ahead of Mike Huckabee, but by a margin that may make his campaign slightly uncomfortable: 42-36 in the ARG poll and 45-41 in the Texas Credit Union poll. With Mitt Romney’s endorsement, McCain has enough delegates to win the nomination, but the fact that Huckabee can’t mathematically win, and is polling within the margin of error on some surveys (the Credit Union one), shows that actual, concrete inevitability isn’t going to be enough to win over the whole party.

Of course, telling a pollster you favor Huckabee and actually going out and voting for him are two different things. But if Virginia is any measure, there may be a surprising turnout for the former governor. Texas Polls: Both Dem and G.O.P. Race Pretty Close