The Afternoon Wrap: Friday

What recession? Gucci opened its demure new Fifth Avenue flagship store today, fresh from their effort to save the children of Malawi with a gala Wednesday night. Phew! It’s been a busy week. [Racked]

Experts offer DUMBO residents and retailers advice on how to mount an anti-panhandling crusade in the once derelict neighborhood. To sum it up, ignore them and they’ll go away. In a neighborhood with almost as many anti-development/gentrification blogs as residents one would think nostalgic DUMBO dwellers would welcome such a blast from the past. [Brooklyn Paper]

Williamsburg will honor its anti-establishment roots next weekend with its very own fashion weekend beginning Feb. 15. [Gridskipper]

The Mystery of the Orange Bicycles: Was the city in on DKNY’s eco-friendly, Fashion Week publicity stunt? [City Room]

Remember when France refused to follow the US into Iraq and New Yorkers banded together, albeit briefly, and boycotted French bistros? With the dollar plummeting, Manhattan retailers are demonstrating no such nationalist zeal. Stores are now accepting Euros, dropping the dollar as quickly as they did the name freedom fries. [Buzz Feed]

When a Brooklyn millionaire and his wife both refused to give up their townhouse during their divorce proceedings, a judge allowed them to divide the property in two and live side by side. Now he’s threatening to foreclose on the mortgage, in what could be a victory in the two year-long "War of the Roses." [NYDN] The Afternoon Wrap: Friday