The Afternoon Wrap: Friday

Since the penthouse of Julian Schnabel’s Palazzo was not "Chupiriffic" enough for Bono, the artist has listed the $27 million penthouse in the New York Times. [Curbed]

Madonna justifies snubbing a Chupi condo in her old friend Julian’s building. [Daily Intelligencer]

The editor of the Urban Baby Web site takes questions from concerned city parents about raising kids in the city. [City Room]

After a 17-year absence, the Miss Brooklyn beauty pageant returns on Feb. 23 to a borough that’s not exactly known as demure. [The Brooklyn Paper]

DUMBO is the first neighborhood in New York with sidewalk recycling bins. [Brownstoner]

A trio of altruistic hustlers are pulling cons on innocent New Yorkers. They claim it’s not about pranks but educateing viewers about how to avoid getting duped. [Gothamist]

Ethnic violence in Kenya permeates immigrant enclave in Jersey City. [Village Voice]

The Afternoon Wrap: Friday