The Afternoon Wrap: Tuesday

The city proved it still knows how to celebrate today at New York’s 165th ticker-tape parade. [City Room]

The Best Cities for (unmarried) Couples: New York ranked 25 out of the 40 metropolitan areas surveyed by Forbes. It scored worst in the affordable housing category (36), but shockingly had the lowest divorce rate in the bunch. [Forbes]

If campaign contributions are a mark of a neighborhood’s affluence, then (surprise, surprise) Manhattan’s money is clustered in the Upper East Side, Upper West Side, and Wall Street. [Gawker]

Reverend Billy and his “Stop Shopping Gospel Choir” summon the gods to protect mom-‘n’-pop shops from the clutches of developers. On Saturday they camped near St. Mark’s Church in a plea to save the 45-year-old Angelo Fontana’s shoe repair shop. [Jeramiah’s Vanishing New York]

Looks like indie rock bands will have to find a new “authentic” performance venue at the end of this summer when the $50 million renovation of McCarren Pool in Williamsburg begins. The design plans unveiled on Monday include 70 percent more swimming space, a gym, a cafe, and a possible ice-skating rink for the winter months. [Curbed]

The housing market crisis finally permeated the Hamptons this year. In January, 80 homes were in various stages of foreclosure, claim local brokers. But don’t expect a flood of affordable beach houses to come on the market. Aside from one $4 million property, most were “modest” homes or unoccupied second residences. [Crain’s]

For tips on the best wine, chocolate, and nightime helicopter jaunt, check out this “patently unironic guide for free-spending sweethearts” on Valentine’s Day. [Grub Street]

For “your funky Valentine”, some alternative date ideas. [Gothamist]

The Afternoon Wrap: Tuesday