The Afternoon Wrap: Tuesday

What says luxury like an amenity that condo owners rarely use but that drives common charges sky-high? Here’s a list of the top 10 indoor pools in Manhattan. [Curbed]

New Yorkers are going to have to go all the way to Flushing to get their fake Gucci fix from now on. The NYPD raided what it called a "counterfeit triangle" in Chinatown today, shuttering 32 illegal vendors and seizing $1 million worth of counterfeit goods. [City Room]

The head of Goldman Sach’s Corporate Real Estate Strategy division bought a $5.1 million condo at 704 Broadway today. [TRD]

The Department of Housing Preservation detailed the final two bids under consideration to develop the public space along the polluted Gowanus Canal last night. Related and Hudson Companies submitted similar proposals, though the latter includes more retail and community space. [Gowanus Lounge]

Esca, Le Bernadin, and Gramercy Tavern are a few of the restaurants that will charge customers $1 for tap water from March 16-22 as part of UNICEF’s Tap project to provide clean drinking water in Third World countries. [Grub Street]

McDonald’s is among the chain restaurants in Manhattan evoking the First Amendment to challenge a law requiring them to post calorie information on their menu boards. [NPR via Griddskipper]

The MTA is planning to study the possibility of connecting the G subway line to the larger Brooklyn network. [The Brooklyn Paper] The Afternoon Wrap: Tuesday