The Afternoon Wrap: Wednesday

It’s hard to swallow the notion that supermarkets have been a casualty of frenzied condo development for those who live in Manhattan, but finding a grocer in walking distance is tough when you live in the outer-boroughs. [Washington Post]

The Fekete brothers are the fixers of Brooklyn’s condo market. They’ll do anything to fast track construction permits, even allegedly doctor photos, and they’ve got a license from the DOB. [Village Voice]

"Inexplicable" new Web site Urbaneer purportedly gives people a real taste of what it’s like in parts of New York, but in the end it’s "like a scavenger hunt without the reward." [Gridskipper]

Plans for Brooklyn park displace a colony of feral cats. [New York Shitty]

The history of a brand name that Harry Macklowe says is worth tens of millions of dollars. [City Room]

Astoria, Long Island City, and the Bronx have nearly the highest concetration of Big Macs of any US zip code. [Eater]

The Afternoon Wrap: Wednesday