The (Big) Round-Up: Monday

"Love me, Love my apartment": In New York’s tight real estate market, couples are drawn closer together and sometimes pitted apart. [NY Times]

Habitats: From the "open air mall" of the East Village to the more "down to earth" neighborhood of Forte Greene. [NY Times]

Living In: Residents engage in "a battle for the soul of the East Village." [NY Times]

A six-story luxury condominium may be of the first of its kind in Inwood, soon to be known as "NoMa" if brokers’ branding effort pays off. [NY Times]

The price of being an international city? About $4.5 million in foregone property taxes. [NY Times]

Luxury apartment sales pushed average price of a condo up 21 percent last month to nearly $2 million. [NY Times]

Vendors at the Caribbean market on the outskirts of Williamsburg fight against an impending eviction. [NY Times]

Artful (and sometimes artless) toll dodgers cost the city $13 million per year. [NY Times]

After just 21 years, the Jacob Javits Center is a $1 billion mess. [NY Post]

Yankees and Mets tickets hit their highest prices in years to cover costs of both teams’ new stadium construction projects. [NY Post]

Nearly 20 law firms have set up supprime practices in the past four months. [Crain’s]

City and state governments are bracing for a steep drop off in real estate tax revenues according to the latest budget projections. [NY Sun]

Corporations expected to pay record amounts for naming rights at new sports stadiums. [NY Sun]


The (Big) Round-Up: Monday