The (Big) Round-Up: Monday

The handful of residents who have moved into condos at the Plaza find that the recently renovated building is a lonely gilded cage. [NY Times]

The Hunt: Ex-north Londoner learned that in New York you need more than money and Craigslist to find an apartment. [NY Times]

Habitats: After a break-up a father of two designed a loft in the West Village to appeal to his own childlike sensibilities and his two kids. [NY Times]

"Unneighborly" lawsuit over second-hand smoke filed by two lawyers at the Asonia have co-op boards rethinking whether to approve members of the legal profession. [NY Times]

Manhattan brokers complain of a shortage of "unaffordable housing." This year 13 apartments worth $20 million or more have sold or are in contract, compared to only 11 in the same period last year. [NY Times]

Architect Gene Kaufman has designed 36 hotels in Manhattan, earning the title Mr. Prolific. [NY Times]

First-time buyers are actually finding homes they can afford in New York’s shaky housing market, but a mortgages are hard to come buy. [NY Times]

Alexander Hamilton’s country home the Grange will get relocated to Upper Manhattan this summer, but controversy over its orientation wears on. [NY Times]

Mortgage industry has not curbed advertising spending in the wake of the housing market turmoil. [NY Times]

New York City to tax co-ops at a lower rate while apartment assessments rise. [NY Post]

Qatari sovereign wealth fund buys $15 billion worth of Credit Suisse stock as bank reels from subprime exposure. [Bloomberg]

Squatters and neighborhood ne’er-do-wells take up residence of derelict foreclosed homes in Queens. [NYDN]


The (Big) Round-Up: Monday