The (Big) Round-Up: Monday

The $1 per-square-foot maintenance fee has not been an adequate yardstick since common charges started rising in 2002. [NY Times]

The Hunt: The five-year process of eliminating debt was a couples’ first step towards owning an apartment. [NY Times]

The little-known, postage stamp street in Bedford Stuyvesant, Agate Court, is seeking landmark status. [NY Times]

The differences of the East and West Sides of Manhattan are reflected in luxury condo marketing styles. [NY Times]

Two apartments on the top floor of the Trump World Tower had languished on the market until they were marketed as a package for the super rich and bought by a Blackstone execuitve. [NY Times]

Daniel Radcliffe, the bespectacled actor best known for playing Harry Potter, closed on a $4.9 million condo overlooking the Hudson River last week, his second Manhattan apartment purchase in a year. This time he actually plans to live in it. [NY Times]

The Fire Department is using a building set for demolition on Governors Island to discover how to fight the "blowtorch effect" in high-rise buildings. [NY Times]

A townhouse in Chelsea that was about to be demolished was discovered to be the first documented safe house for escaped slaves. [NY Times]

Brooklyn residents are torn over the fate of a disused house in the Navy Yards. [NY Times]

Chain stores and restaurants like IHOP and Target join the Downtown Brooklyn boom. [NY Post]

Plans for new World Trade Center site may have security flaws. [NYDN]

Citigroup may post second straight quarterly loss because of write downs from home equity loans. [Bloomberg]

Proposal for an expanded Javits Center in Willets Point, Queens is gaining momentum. [NY Sun] The (Big) Round-Up: Monday