The Latest in Quinn's Fight With Brooklyn Over City Clerk: More Waiting

The Rules Committee of the City Council  was supposed to meet at 11 o’clock to vote on the new nominee for city clerk. But an aide to Christine Quinn has confirmed the committee hasn’t met, which will once again delay a showdown between the speaker and the Brooklyn City Council delegation.

To recap, the only nominee in front of the committee is Hector Diaz of the Bronx, but he would be replacing a clerk from Brooklyn, and the Brooklyn delegation wants to keep that job (and its related patronage perks).

At least according to the way the Council has operated in recent memory, Brooklyn is in the right—and for once, the members from Brooklyn are unified in their position.

But for every council member not from Brooklyn, there’s little incentive to vote against the speaker, who will support Diaz’s nomination. To vote against Quinn would only add the City Council’s image as a chaotic, politicized place and diminish each member’s political clout—and with more than 30 of them term-limited in 2009, many are looking to seek a new office.

The chairwoman for the committee, Diana Reyna of Brooklyn, hasn’t returned several messages over the past two days.

There is a 1 p.m. press conference with Quinn scheduled. In the meantime, according to one Council member I spoke to, Hector Diaz is just waiting—he was in the members’ lounge this morning. The Latest in Quinn's Fight With Brooklyn Over City Clerk: More Waiting