The Morning Read: Monday, February 18, 2008

Chuck Schumer said on Meet the Press yesterday he doesn’t want a fight for the nomination at the Democratic convention.

Clinton has deep ties in Texas.

Obama borrows rhetoric from Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick.

Obama may get a few more delegates from New York.

The Financial Times reports: “The French, Italians, Spanish and Germans would ‘vote’ for Barack Obama in the US presidential elections–although the British would prefer Hillary Clinton.”

Some citizens in Uganda have formed a group to rally support for Obama.

Joe Lieberman feels free now than he isn’t a Democrat, but some of his constituents still aren’t pleased.

John McCain tries coordinating with George Bush, but not too much.

Cyrus Vance, Jr. filed paperwork to run for Manhattan District Attorney.

New York magazine says that if Clinton stays in the Senate, one of the losers will be Eliot Spitzer, because “all those pols clamoring for her seat have no more reason to kiss up to the unpopular guv who would have named her successor.”

Democratic Assemblywoman Earlene Hooper of Long Island got paid $36,452 by the state for travel expenses last year, a period which included 18 days in February after the legislative session ended.

Spitzer’s plan to tax online sales has a supporter at the San Jose Mercury News.

Business Insurance, a trade publication, says, “If Mr. Cuomo truly is concerned about how much health plan enrollees are paying for services, we hope he also sets his sights on provider behavior.”

“Bloomberg seems unlikely to go through with his presidential campaign, despite all the preparation,” writes Fred Schwarz at the National Review Online.

Rudy Giuliani got a lot of money but not many votes in Florida’s Volusia and Flagler counties.

Possible mayoral candidate Jonathan Tisch is stepping down as the unpaid chair of N.Y.C. & Co.

An unnamed source close to Joe Bruno says Patricia Lynch is not back in the Senator’s good graces yet.

A spokesman for Al Gore’s 2000 campaign writes suggests Clinton can win if she talks more about the worsening economy.

And The New York Post editorial boards says the state Inspector General’s report last week “hardly” vindicates former Spitzer aide Steve Mitnick.

The Morning Read: Monday, February 18, 2008