The Morning Read: Monday, February 25, 2008

Hillary Clinton mocked Barack Obama’s brand of optimism.

Clinton is also sounding more like John Edwards.

Tomorrow’s special election upstate is part of a “political earthquake” that could shake up the entire state, says Doug Muzzio.

Republicans are playing up the upstate-downstate issue in that race.

Interestingly, the Republican in the race, Will Barclay, supports abortion rights, and the Democrat, Darrel Aubertine, does not.

Eliot Spitzer will try oust Joe Bruno if Democrats win the race, writes Fred Dicker.

Spitzer mentor Lloyd Constantine is supporting Barack Obama.

Eric Gioia will run  a “carbon-neutral” campaign next year when he seeks citywide office.

A Long Island state Senator wants to know if Eliot Spitzer really did yell at Christine Quinn.

A fund controlled by state Democratic Party official Reggie Lafayette is called into question.

The city Board of Elections says Barack Obama’s underreported results from Super Tuesday were the result of police officers misreading the numbers off the voting machines.

The City Council wants to clarify residency requirements for people running for office.

Michael Bloomberg and Christine Quinn favor legislation expanding licenses for food vendors who sell vegetables in certain neighborhoods, but it may face obstacles in the City Council.

Newsday’s editorial board doesn’t want Bloomberg to block the e-waste bill.

The New York Post editorial board endorses the Republican in tomorrow’s special election.

The New York Sun editorial board looks at Barack Obama’s position on school vouchers.

The Morning Read: Monday, February 25, 2008