The Morning Read: Thursday, February 14, 2008

“If she loses either Texas or Ohio, this thing is done,” James Carville said.

Barack Obama goes further than that.

The Wall Street Journal reports that during a recent campaign meeting, Mark Penn yelled at Mandy Grunwald, who yelled back, and then Guy Cecil stormed off.

Clinton told an audience in Texas, “I’m in the solutions business; my opponent is in the promises business.”

Michelle Obama gets profiled in the New York Times.

John Edwards might back Clinton.

This year, everyone’s a political expert.

Mike Huckabee is going to the Cayman Islands.

Al Sharpton threatens to protest if delegates from Florida or Michigan are seated at the Democratic National Convention.

Chuck Schumer says the federal budget shortchanges city schools.

Hillary could be the first Latina president, one fan thinks.

The New York Times calls Andrew Cuomo’s investigation of the health insurance industry "sweeping."

The L.A. Times has more on Cuomo’s investigation.

Eliot Spitzer makes the case for leasing lottery proceeds to fund higher education, but critics in Albany are skeptical.

Spitzer warns of a "financial tsunami” because of problems in the bond market.

Michael Bloomberg created a new database to track guns used in crimes.

Sewell Chan wonders if Bloomberg is on schedule to build the housing he promised.

The city wants you to “get some” today; the Catholic League isn’t pleased.

The mayor is threatening to veto the City Council’s e-waste bill.

The bloc of votes against Christine Quinn’s preferred nominee for City Clerk was “a political setback,” writes Frankie Edozien.

Jose Peralta wants Queens residents to collect their $272 million.

The Independent Budget Office has recommendations on how to save the city money.

Gail Collins doesn’t like caucuses.

Errol Louis says Obama’s campaign proves “voters are looking for big ideas and sweeping change,” and hopes New York politicians take note.

Davidson Goldin wonders “when could a New Yorker ever move into the White House again?”

Clinton and Obama may each have earned three delegates in Jerry Nadler’s district, even though Clinton won the popular vote. [second item]

Britney Spears wants Arnold Schwarzenegger’s help. The Morning Read: Thursday, February 14, 2008