The Morning Read: Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hillary Clinton held a conference call yesterday to reassure donors and key supporters.

Apparently loyalty is not a two-way street,” writes a Latina superdelegate and Clinton supporter, unhappy with the departure of Patti Solis Doyle.

Clinton’s task now is to prove she’s electable, just as Barack Obama had to do earlier in the race, writes Susan Milligan.

Obama took the lead in a national poll for the first time.

He is confident about the upcoming primaries, including today’s.

John Dickerson doesn’t think we should write the Clinton candidacy off just yet.

A little belatedly, Michael Bloomberg makes the list of top philanthropic donors in America.

Christine Quinn will talk about bonus pay for teachers in her State of the City speech today.

A lawsuit challenging the new campaign finance restrictions claims minority candidates are disproportionately affected.

There’s no law saying electronic records from the governor’s office have to be archived.

Democratic Assemblyman Jeff Aubry of Queens doesn’t like Eliot Spitzer’s tax on illegal drugs.

Only Democrats were invited to a hearing on subprime mortgages, organized by the State Banking Department.

The price tag for a new Moynihan station is now over $3 billion.

There’s a lot of "secret money"–small donations that don’t have to be itemized–in the presidential campaigns.

David Brooks thinks there are latent policy divides within the Democratic party.

Bill Hammond is another one who thinks voters, not superdelegates, should decide the Democratic party’s nominee.

Bob Kappstatter corrects Adolfo Carrion’s math.

Ferentz Lafagrue thinks that if New York needs a senator to replace Clinton, it should be Carrion, and writes that Carrion  “is to New York’s Democratic Party what Eli Manning is to the New York football Giants.”

And in opposing legislative pay raises, the New York Times editorial board wrote “James Tedisco, the leading Republican in the Assembly, had it right”.

The Morning Read: Tuesday, February 12, 2008