The Round-Up: Friday

The operator of the Hudson River Park heliport offered to move landing pads 100-yards into the water to placate community groups. [NY Times]

Some "back country cities" in the US never had property boom so there’s been no bust. While housing prices drop in 77 markets and increased in 73. [NY Times]

Municipalities feel the pinch as another debt market falters, driving the cost of credit up even for good borrowers. [NY Times]

Marriott Hotel’s fourth quarter earnings fell by 20 percent, hurt mainly by the sale of the company’s synthetic fuel business. [NY Times]

A woman injured in the midtown steam pipe blast is suing Con Ed for $20 million. [NY Post]

Plans for the $50 million revamp of McCarren Pool unveiled, ending "a huge civic embarrassment." [NYDN]

In the battle between Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Spitzer over the Javits Center, Assemblyman Sheldon Silver’s position could be critical to the outcome. [NY Sun]

Since the Fed cut interest rates last month, it has actually gotten more expensive to borrow money. [NY Sun]

The Round-Up: Friday