The Round-Up: Friday

If OTB goes so would a relic of a grittier city. [NY Times]

A stained glass window that reflected the golden age of aviation comes down at Kennedy. [NY Times]

Upper West Side residents will say goodbye to one of John Lennon’s favorite spots, La Fortuna, on Sunday and one of the last mom-and-pop coffee shops in the neighborhood. [NY Times]

Brooklyn’s first Parks Commissioner is approaching the 26-year tenure of Robert Moses and has finally solved the bane of his administration: the renovation of the McCarren Pool. [NY Times]

The government debates federal bail out plans to rescue indebted homeowners. [NY Times]

Pepsi buys naming rights the ferris wheel under construction at the Meadowlands. [NY Post]

Cayre closing in on GM Building? [NY Post] 

Banks lose to deadbeat homeowners as loans sold into bonds vanish. [Bloomberg]

The fate of the Off Track Betting is still in question after state officials intervened in a last ditch effort to save the ailing franchise. [NYDN]

The plans to renovate the Brooklyn Aquarium may be watered down due to soaring costs. [NYDN]

A little-known credit market index that tracks the values of bonds backed by mortgages on commercial property is sending tremors through the market. [WSJ]

The Round-Up: Friday