The Round-Up: Thursday

Government agency and private contractors (but not the Fire Department) are being sued by the sister of the fire fighter who was killed in the Deutsche Bank blast. [NY Times]

UBS is bracing for a downturn in 2008 after it revealed $26.6 billion worth of exposure to risky US mortgages. [NY Times]

Designer William Harvey bought a garage in the center of Williamsburg and transformed it into a "Scando-Monican Brutalist artist studio and apartment." [NY Times]

Gimme Shelter: Hedge-fund couple pays well above the $53 million sales record for Bob Guccione’s on-the-market/off-the-market Upper East Side townhouse. [NY Post]

Morgan Stanley shuts its UK mortgage business and cuts 1,000 jobs at its US mortgage branch. [Crain’s]

Will the Port Authority pitch in funds for Penn Station’s redevelopment? [NY Sun]

The GM building sale behind the numbers. [NY Sun] The Round-Up: Thursday