The Round-Up: Tuesday

The credit crisis is spreading past subprime mortgages. As home values fall and loan repayments increase, even prime borrowers are falling behind in their home, auto loan, and credit card payments. [NY Times]

Public and private hospitals across the five boroughs are spending millions to bring order to New York’s chaotic emergency rooms. [NY Times]

Credit Suisse cut full-year subprime writedowns to $1.82 billion, but profits fell more than expected. [NY Times]

The developer of the "heavy-metal" condo complex in Carroll Gardens axed architect Robert Scarano yesterday, in an apparent concession to disgruntled residents. [NY Post]

CUNY puts Hunter College’s Brookdale campus on the market. The "hush, hush" sale is expected to fetch $250 million. [NY Post]

Bank of America, Citigroup, and four other US lenders will announce a 30-day freeze on foreclosures to allow a portion of subprime and prime mortgages to be modified. [Bloomberg]

The Historic Preservation office has thrown a last-minute spanner in the long-awaited plan to demolish the congested Kosciuszko Bridge in Queens. [NYDN]

The state is at least $1 billion behind in funding the $3 billion construction of Moynihan Station. [NY Sun]

The Yellow Rat Bastard clothing chain agreed to pay over 1,000 current and former employees $1.4 million in unpaid wages and overtime to settle a lawsuit, the Attorney General’s office announced. [NY Sun] The Round-Up: Tuesday