The Round-Up: Tuesday

Opponents of Governor Spitzer’s plan to scrap an expanded convention center and sell off two parcels of land to fill the budget gap are banding together in the lead up to the March 5 meeting of the Javits Development Corporation. [NY Times]

The Parks Department will grant a small number of full-time permits for new boats to dock at the 79th Street Boat Basin, widening access to the “only real estate bargain in Manhattan” for the first time since 1994. [NY Times]

Wall Street analysts are predicting another wave of multi-billion dollar losses as the subprime mortgage crisis spreads further into the credit market. [NY Times]

Governor Spitzer and speaker Christine Quinn are back on speaking terms after the two allegedly came to blows last week over her opposition to the state’s plan for the Javits Center. [NY Post]

Developers need to continue constructing new office buildings for New York to remain competitive. [NY Post]

Fashion house Hugo Boss is moving into the 9,000-square-foot retail space occupied by Ann Taylor in the Scholastic building in Soho. [NY Post]

Credit Suisse writes down $2.85 billion of losses, citing traders’ errors. [WSJ]

The landmark Smallpox Hospital on Roosevelt Island is slated for a $4.5 million stabilization, but preservationists say an additional $3 million is needed to revamp the iconic building that has fallen into serious disrepair since it was abandoned in the 1950’s. [NYDN]

The New York branch of the building service workers’ union is calling for better working conditions and pay for employees in 500 Bronx buildings. [NYDN]

The board of directors of Off-Track Betting, “the only bookie in the world that loses money”, is set to vote on whether to close the 70 franchises in the five boroughs and lay-off an estimated 1,500 employees by June. [NY Sun]

Mayor Bloomberg is set to spar with the City Council over a bill that would require electronic manufacturing companies to recycle the products they sell. [NY Sun]

The Round-Up: Tuesday